Business Introduction

CE Marking Certification Agency Services

At Honda Trading Europe, we provide services for obtaining CE Marking, which is required to sell products in the European Economic Area(EEA).
The Honda Trading Group provides a range of support for obtaining CE marking, including producing the required test reports and identifying areas of non-conformity, and total coordination of the import and export of machinery and equipment in the EEA.

What is CE Marking?
CE marking is a certification attached to specific products sold in the European Economic Area(EEA) to indicate conformity with EU technical standards.
Applicable products cannot be put on the market in the European Union without applicable CE marking.

Business Model

Business Model

Service Details
  • ・Project management
  • ・Production of non-conformity report (identifying problems with the subject equipment and advising on improvement measures)
  • ・EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) test report (assistance with preparations and modifications, etc. and production of report)
  • ・Production of other necessary documentation
  • ・Production of Declaration of Conformity


Honda Trading Europe Ltd. will be happy to field any inquiries regarding the CE Marking Certification Agency Services.

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