Business Introduction

Light Metals Business

We handle aluminum alloys and their raw materials for use in car engines, transmission cases, etc. and conduct procurement and supply on a global scale. Because of their light weighting and durability, aluminum alloys play a major role in reducing vehicle weight, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Their low cost and recyclability are also making these materials increasingly important. In addition to supplying to the Honda Group, we offer materials that meet the respective needs of our various customers, including automobile component manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers, and aluminum alloy manufacturers. Regarding procurement, we conduct market price research daily in the various markets around the world and act with flexibility accordingly.

Global Network of the Light Metals Business

The Light Metals Business provides services in various countries, in both the trading company domain and the manufacturing domain. We conduct our business on a global scale through coordination that takes advantage of the characteristics of each region.

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Business Field

  • Aluminum alloys Primary alloy/Secondary alloy/Molten Aluminum
  • Base Metals Primary aluminum/ Nonferrous metal scrap /Silicon/Zinc & Magnesium etc.
  • Recycling Scrap generated in the manufacturing plants, such as turnings and irony aluminum scrap, is re-melted, to be returned to the customer in either ingot or molten form.

Strength and Features

  • Operation of aluminum alloy manufacturing plants Operation of aluminum alloy manufacturing plants in Japan, Indonesia, and China In addition to our trading company business, we also own aluminum alloy manufacturing plants in Japan, Indonesia, and China, from which we sell our own products. At these manufacturing plants, we are able to confirm the quality of new suppliers and compare processes.
  • Test laboratory Support for material testing at factory test laboratory The testing laboratory at the aluminum alloy manufacturing plant provides support for material testing, including inclusions found in aluminum metal, metallic structure, and melting yields, for the Honda Group.

Value Chain

We procure primary and recycled ingots and raw materials for alloys from various countries around the world and sell them to a wide range of Honda group companies and other general manufacturers. In addition to procurement, we also support the manufacturers to which we supply products in a range of areas, including providing technical advice and environmental surveys. We also operate a recycling business, in which scrap that has been generated in the plants is re-melted at plants within the group or by partner manufacturers and returned to the customer as recycled materials.

Value Chain

*Aluminum alloy manufacturers(JapanChinaIndonesia

Flow from procurement to sale

Market surveys/Confirmation of management status/Development and cultivation/Prior quality confirmation/Environmental surveys

Preparation for mass production/Price negotiations, supply contracts/Sales/ Recycling Utilization/Supply management after mass production

Examples of using our materials for automobile parts

Casting alloy・Secondary alloy

  • Engine parts Engine parts
  • Mission parts Mission parts
  • Alternators Alternators

Primary aluminum・Primary aluminum alloy

  • Brake parts Brake parts
  • Knuckle parts Knuckle parts
  • Aluminum wheels Aluminum wheels

Case study

Contribution to cost reductions for Japanese company through proposal of overseas-sourced materials

  • Proposed overseas materials to reduce costs Proposed overseas materials to reduce costs We briefed the customer on the company we were proposing and explained its connection to Honda Trading. We have a track record of providing technical guidance in the past to the company being proposed, so could recommend quality as well as price.
  • To confirm quality, we obtained a sample product to conduct quality investigation at our business partner, etc. To confirm quality, we obtained a sample product to conduct quality investigation at our business partner, etc. Customers’ engineers investigated material quality at customers’ analysis laboratory.
    The result - no problem!
  • We conducted QAV on site with the customer. We conducted QAV* on site with the customer. Accompanied customers’ engineers to visit the manufacturer (overseas) we proposed. Confirmed actual production processes and control methods on site. *QAV: Quality Assurance Visit
  • The material is approved for components, contributing to reduction of costs. The material is approved for components, contributing to reduction of costs. The mechanical properties of the cast component passed, making mass production possible.
    Taking advantage of the cost efficiency of the overseas-sourced materials helped to reduce costs.