Corporate Information


Honda Trading was established in 1972 with the aim of seeking out new markets and developing new distribution networks for Honda. Guided by our corporate philosophy, we will continue to exceed customer expectations globally by working closely with Honda and its group companies.
These creative and effective commercial activities stated in our corporate policy focus on providing goods and services that exceed customer expectations while meeting the needs of customers and society.

As Honda, based on its corporate philosophy "Respect for the individual" and "the three Joys", aims to be a "company that shares joy with people worldwide and is highly trusted", spreading this idea across the world with Honda is the basic concept of Honda Trading’s "creative and effective commercial activities". We still wish to be a company that "exceeds global customer expectations, enhancing value and confidence", and will endeavor to be so.

Based on the HT 2040 Global Vision, we are striving to further enhance our bonds with customers all over the world, while seeking out and creating new business chances. In addition, we are also reinforcing our robust Group Governance and developing further trust from our customers as the trading company within the Honda Group.