News Release

Change of Business Management System in Argentina

Honda Trading Brasil Ltda. opened a branch in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 1, 2020.

As a result, all operations being carried out at Honda Trading de Argentina S.A., our local subsidiary in Argentina, will be transferred to this new Argentinian branch, and we will end the business activities of Honda Trading de Argentina S.A. as a corporation.

Although the organizational format of our business will change from local subsidiary to branch, we will continue to provide high quality services to our customers in Argentina.

Honda Trading Brasil Ltda. Argentina Branch

Address:c/o Honda Motor de Argentina S.A, Planta de Campana, Ruta Prov. 6, Km. 195, B2804FZE- Campana, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Telephone:+54 3489-403-445

*The address and telephone number are unchanged.