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Honda Trading has been accredited as a supporter company of J-Startup WEST

August 7, 2023
Honda Trading Corporation

In 2018, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry launched J-Startup, a program for the development and support of startups that aims to make winning startups in the global market that will bring new value to the world with innovative technologies and business models.

Honda Trading Corporation has been accredited as a supporter company of J-Startup WEST, a regional version of the program established by the Chugoku Regional Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. Through its participation in the program, Honda Trading will strengthen its support to assist companies with roots in the Chugoku region to coordinate in the creation of promising startups in the region.

J-Startup WEST

Web site: J-Startup WEST (


About J-Startup

"J-Startup" was launched in June 2018 to create startups that will flourish in the global market. Under the program, J-Startup companies are selected based on recommendations made by experienced venture capitalists, accelerators, representatives from large companies responsible for new business, and other external experts and, provided with intensive support by the public and private sectors, along with "J-Startup Supporters" that include large companies and accelerators.

Web site: J-Startup (English)

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