- HondaTrading 50th Anniversary of Foundation -

Connecting thoughts
to the next generation

We, Honda Trading, had celebrated its 50th anniversary in March 2022.
The above slogan has the meaning that we will connect the thoughts of society
and customers and take action to further connect those thoughts to the next generation.

Connect thoughts

We would like to express our gratitude for the past and introduce the new thoughts that will connect to the next 50 years.

Connect people

We have moved forward with the support of our customers. We would like to introduce the connection between our company’s employees and customers through an episode that actually happened.

Connect time

Why don’t we look back together on the road trip we have taken while changing in line with the times? You may be able to see a trajectory of Honda Trading that is not that well known.

New Hopes for the Next 50 Years

Connect Thoughts

Honda Trading Corporation was established on March 21, 1972 aimed at searching for new markets and developing distribution channels with unique new products, going beyond the motorbikes, cars and power products of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda).

Starting with the development of new products such as the Kick'N Go, CAFEX coffee, the stainless steel pot, and the import of live cattle, we have focused on the support of manufacturing in response to Honda’s overseas business expansion. In recent years, we have moved forward with the times by working on the electrification, weight reduction and environmental issues such as recycling of automobiles.

Thanks to the support of our business partners and the efforts of our associates, we have been able to continue doing business for 50 years in a rapidly changing world so our sincere thanks go to everybody who has co-operated with Honda Trading.

Now that we had celebrated our 50th anniversary, we will return to the roots of our founding with strong determination and resolve, and open a new era with a spirit of challenge and venture.

Going forward, Honda Trading aims to continue being a company whose existence is expected by contributing to environmental conservation, social prosperity and economic development through the actions of all associates to create a sustainable future.

Kazuhiro Odaka
President & CEO

Stories of Thanks

Connect People

For the past 50 years, we have walked side-by-side with our customers and suppliers. Here, we present some episodes that are packed full with the connections between our company’s employees and our customers and suppliers and feelings of gratitude.

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Collective efforts with suppliers

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Overcoming with suppliers

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Co-creation with customers

Honda Trading’s road trip

Connect Time

Why don’t we look back together on the road trip we have taken while changing in line with the times?
You may be able to see a trajectory of Honda Trading that is not that well known.

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To be a company whose existence continues to be valued

We will address global environmental and social issues and contribute to the creation of a sustainable future.

Report on donations linked to access numbers

As part of Honda Trading Corporation’s 50th anniversary events, we implemented an activity that made a donation to an organization in line with our Basic Sustainability Policy of an amount linked to the number of users accessing* this specially established webpage.

As a trading company, we deliver products to customers across the seas.
We have always carried out business together with the sea over these 50 years.

In this activity, we made a donation to the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology because of the desire of associates to contribute to marine preservation.

All associates hope that we can make even a small contribution to marine research and the development of human resources involved with the sea to protect the seas of the future.

And thank you very much for visiting this page.

* The number of users accessing the webpage from the release date in January 2022 to the end of September