Honda Trading America Corporation

Company Profile

Date of Establishment
September 25, 1972
Head office location
Honda Heritage Center, 24025 Honda Parkway Marysville, Ohio 43040, USA
+1 937-642-5000 ext. 67370
Honda Trading Corporation,
American Honda Motor Co., inc.
President & CEO
Haruo Maeda
Business Lines
Supply sourcing (steel, aluminum, plastics, recycling, PGMs/catalytic systems, parts, machinery & die)
Supply planning/inventory management, Trade finance Currency management • Logistics management • Compliance management • Quality management

Office Location

California Office Address: 700 Van Ness Avenue, MS 300-1-1T, Torrance, California 90501-1486, U.S.A.
Telephone: +1 310-781-6605
Alabama Office Address: 700 Clover Road, Lincoln Alabama, 35096 , U.S.A.
Telephone: +1 205-355-6600
South Carolina Office Address: 1070 Honda Way, Timmonsville, South Carolina 29161 , U.S.A.
Telephone: +1 843-346-5500
Indiana Office Address: 2740 North Michigan Avenue, Greensburg, Indiana 47240, U.S.A.


1972 Honda Trading America(HTA) was formed in 1972 as a California corporation by American Honda Motor Co., Inc. with an office in Torrance, California, 2 employees, and first year sales of $17,000.
1974 Entered the agriculture business with the export of American fed grain to Japan on returning Honda automobile carriers. 
Other major agricultural products soon included livestock, soybeans, and non-grain feed such as haycubes.
1975 Trade in non-ferrous metals began with the U.S. export of aluminum die-casting ingots. Later, scrap metals were included which are re-alloyed for use in Honda engines and other components.
1979 Exports began of American-made automotive components (exhaust emission catalysts and seat leather) for assembly in Honda’s factories in Japan.
1980 Paper products and wastepaper exports from the U.S. began.
1982 10th anniversary—12 employees with annual sales of $42 million. 
Products now included light aircraft, fresh produce and processed food items.
1987 HTA established its Ohio office in Marysville primarily to support Honda's North American manufacturing base. 
Began imports of subassembly parts for Honda suppliers and specialty machinery and equipment for manufacturing.
1989 Implemented the steel raw material supply system (RMSS) to support Honda of America Manufacturing (HAM).
1990 Recycling center in Ohio began operations to recycle cardboard containers and wooden pallets generated by HAM.
Honda Trading Canada established in Alliston, Ontario in support of Honda Manufacturing of Canada, as well as other HTA offices.
1992 20th anniversary. 60 employees with annual consolidated sales of over $500 million. 
Import of KD child parts from Japan shifted from Honda to Honda Trading Group, under Direct Supply System (DSS).
1993 Changed name from Honda International Trading Corp. to HTA Corporation to reflect change in majority interest from AHM to Honda Trading Corporation (Japan).
1995 Added Aluminum to the Raw Materials Supply System.
1997 25th anniversary—84 employees with annual consolidated sales approaching $1 billion. 
Added Plastic and Steel Bar to the Raw Materials Supply System.
Parts Division began export of KD Parts globally. 
HTA establishes KD exports to 14 countries by developing joint systems with HAM and AHM.
1998 Added steel tube to the Raw Materials Supply System.
2000 HTA established its South Carolina office in Timmonsville primarily to support Honda Power Equipment and Honda of South Carolina, Mfg.
2001 HTA established its Alabama office in Lincoln primarily to support Honda Manufacturing of Alabama and Honda Precision Parts of Georgia.
2003 Catalytic Converter - Platinum Group Metals(PGM) Recycling began. 
Export of components to Mexico in support of Honda Service Parts production.
2005 Established the Machinery and Die Division.
2006 Added Magnesium business to the RMSS.
2007 35th anniversary.  
$3.5 billion sales, over 300 associates. 
Large-scale contract manufacturing agreement established with Mexican part maker for engine components.
2008 HTA established its Indiana office in Greensburg primarily to support Honda Manufacturing of Indiana.
2009 In 2009, the logos from all regions were consolidated to strengthen the brand and unify companies globally.
2012 40th Anniversary of HTA, $4 billion sales, over 400 associates. 
Platinum Group Metals(PGM) Global Centralized Purchasing System began.
2014 HTA in South Carolina completes first IST Marine Engine Converstion
2017 HTA celebrates 45th anniversary in the US
2018 HTA begin shipments of carbon fiber to aerospace industry
2019 HTA opens Business Innovation Office in Dublin, Ohio


Recruitment Inquiries and Job Opportunities

Our associates come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. They are skilled at communication, creative problem solving, decision-making, planning, organization and technical expertise. Each associate is a valued member of the team.

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"At Honda Trading America we are innovators.
For 50 years, we have been exceeding customer expectations by promptly and innovatively linking materials and resources in an ever-changing, global market.
We are proud of how far we’ve come, and excited for the future."